Tau Mu USA

imageAs the lure of medical practice outside the Philippines, specifically in the United States, grew in interest couple with the need for America to shore up its number of doctors, a growing number of Tauans immigrated to the land of the free during the seventies up to the nineties and beyond.

During the early nineties, while there was no organized entity, there was a loose network of Tauans, notably in the New York City area, who welcome brods to their homes or apartments as they interview with different residency programs across the area.

The notion of a frathouse in the boroughs of Bronx and Queens helped promote brotherhood and laid the groundwork for the eventual formation of an organized group which will influence the way Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, conducts its affairs in the future.

It was not until the turn of the century when then MEB Bro. Dr. Carlo Antonino Lucena Nasol, 2 Tauan Frontiers, established the Tau Mu Sigma Phi yahoogroups that the seed of an idea showed signs of bearing fruit. The ability to communicate with Tauans all over the world via the internet was the spark which eventually led to the formation of an organized Tau Mu USA group and later on the Tau Mu USA Foundation.

The Tau Mu USA Foundation was incorporated on January 11, 2002 in the State of Illinois by Bro. Dr. Leoncio ‘LeCub’ Sevidal Dizon, 13’s Got It, who eventually became its first president. The incorporation of the foundation was announced at the Tau Mu Sigma Phi yahoogroups.

At the same time, Tauans from the sixties and seventies have kept in touch with each other via the University of Santo Tomas Medical Alumni Association of America. USTMAAA, organized in the mid eighties with the unification of two alumni groups, started conducting annual homecomings in 1987 which led to the formation of the Foundation in 1990, the first president of which was Bro. Dr. Gregorio Mapanao Tolentino Jr., Roaring 20’s.

It was the collusion of these varying entities, the Tau MU USA Foundation, the USTMAA of America and its Foundation and the Tau Mu yahoogroups, plus brod’s undying desire to seek each others company and foster brotherhood, one of four Tauan ideals, which led to the very first Tau Mu USA reunion summer of 2002 in Orlando, Florida.

The rest is history! HAIL TAU MU!