The seed that was to become the Tau Mu Sigma Phi Gawad Kalinga Village was planted in Tauans’ minds by Bro. Dr. Carlos Pineda Capati, One Case of Beer. The village, which houses several families, is located in Towerville, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan just a few kilometers north of Metro Manila.

GKWS1In his 2005 article titled “Our Twelve Month Journey with Gawad Kalinga,” Bro. Charlie, as he is fondly called by brothers and close acquaintances, told us of his and wife Myrna’s awakening to a deep commitment to the cause after meeting with Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga founder and Dylan Wilk at the WOW GK 2004 in October 2004.


Bro. Dr. Carlos Pineda Capati, One Case of Beer

Dr. Capati wrote, “Myrna and I started the day intending to donate a village and by the time the night was over, we committed to three villages. When one gets into such a deep commitment you feel like you need company.”

After that night an intense campaign ensued including emails and personal calls for support. Fellow Tauans heeded the call including Bro. Dr. Noel D. Canlas, Magnificent 7 and Bro. Dr. Primo Aquino Andres Jr., Lucky 13. The rest is history.

As the clarion call for action reached Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, Tauans from all over the world launched a vigorous campaign to come up with $15,000 or around 650,000 pesos to build its own village. In 2007 we reached that goal.

GK1Since those early days, Tauans continue to establish its own presence in the community. We hold several medical missions not only at our Tau Mu village but at other villages as well, including the Thomasian and the one established by Bro. Dr. Marianito ‘Nitoy’ Olivares Asperilla, Batch Anim.


The fraternity has maintained an open and constant communication policy with the community’s leaders and Social Service providers. Tau Mu Sigma Phi likewise sponsors fund raising activities such as movie premieres, the beneficiaries of which includes the Tau Mu GK Village.


Bro. Charlie concluded his 2005 article by saying, “This journey is being told not to boast on what we have done but to illustrate that making a commitment to a cause does not end after a donation is made. It is actually the beginning. This journey expounds on the numerous ways to reach potential believers of the cause. We realized that it is not what you give financially that counts the most, rather it is the intensity of commitment to spread the gospel of Gawad Kalinga thereafter.”

GKWS6Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity in its commitment to uphold our Tauan ideal of service is here to stay!