MEDWARDS is an annual event held during the Medicine Week celebrations at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. The event which was launched by Tau Mu Sigma Phi in 2011, initiated and spearheaded by Bro. Dr. Jeff Willis Asuncion Maniquis, Dos Cas is done in collaboration with our sister sorority, Sigma Tau Delta, the Sorority of Thomasian Doctors, and the Medicine Student Council.

The medical students, usually from all year levels are divided into several clusters base on their sections, A, B, C, and D. Each cluster is headed by a Tauan and each are assigned faculty members to spice things up. The presentations are theme-based and are predetermined by the organizing committee and are divulged to each cluster 1-2 months prior to the event to give them ample time to conceptualize their assigned themes.

The winners are determined by judges, consisting at times of elder Tauans and faculty, and cash prizes are awarded to the winners. The purpose of the event is to benefit the cluster’s beneficiary, a chosen ward at the Clinical Division of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital.




MEDWARDS2014The 2014 edition of MEDWARDS culminated the Medicine Week celebrations aptly called Medicine Advocacy Week. Bro. Rainier Ranola Milante, Tauan Armada, a member of the Medicine Student Council, was the project event head. The presentation took place last September 26, 2014 and was held at the St. Martin de Porres auditorium.

Each cluster was given musical icons about 4-6 weeks prior to the actual presentation. Cluster A’s chosen icons were Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Backstreey, Beyonce with Marilyn Monroe, Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars as additional ones. Cluster B’s were Jackson 5, Tina Turner, Spice Girls, Eminem and Jollibee, Kiss, Dragon Ball Z, Meteor Garden f4 as back-ups. For Cluster C, they were assigned Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, N’Sync, Lady Gaga and the additional ones are Justin Timberlake, Earth, Wind & Fire, Britney Spears. Lastly, Cluster D was given Abba, Madonna, Destiny’s Child, Black Eyed Peas and VST and Co., Boyz 2 Men, Rivermaya as other possibilities.

Each cluster was judged using the following five criteria: incorporation of theme into performance 20%, creativity and originality 20%, stage performance 30%, audience impact 20% and costume and props 10%.

AWARDSAfter three years of disappointment, Cluster C finally won first place with a total score of 94 with deductions. The cash prize award of twenty thousand pesos went to Cluster C’s chosen ward, the Obstetrics Ward at the USTH Clinical Division.

Second place went to Cluster B and their chosen ward, Medicine got fifteen thousand pesos. The third and fourth placers were Cluster D and A respectively and their chosen wards both received ten thousand pesos.

The cash prizes for the respective wards were given out November 20, 2014 at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital – Clinical Division.

MEDWARDS 2014 was co-sponsored by our sister sorority, Sigma Tau Delta and the Medicine Student Council.


Bro. Rainier Milante, MEDWARDS 2014 project head, with reps from Sigma Tau Delta, Medicine Student Council, Cluster C and Dr. Zaida Gamilla, Chairman Ob-Gyne





The third edition of MEDWARDS took place September 24, 2013 during Medicine Week celebrations. Once again it was done in collaboration with our sister sorority, Sigma Tau Delta, the Sorority of Thomasian Doctors and donations from our generous sponsors.

The theme for 2013’s edition was ‘We are bringing it to the STREETS.” The ad announcing the event said, “Witness DOCTORS, STAFF and STUDENT go Hip-hop and showcase their moves, as each cluster will perform their adaptation on DANCE MOVIES!” Cluster A chose as its showcase, Taking It to the Streets, Cluster B Fame, Cluster C Street Dance and Cluster D Honey.


MEDWARDS is an annual event which benefits the different sections or wards of the UST Clinical Division. Cluster A chose the Neurology ward as its beneficiary, Cluster B the OB ward, Cluster C the Medicine ward while Cluster D picked the Pediatrics ward.


One again, Cluster A won first place for the second year in a row as they pulled off another epic performance. As their beneficiary, the Neurology ward received twenty thousand pesos while the Pediatrics ward got fifteen thousand and the OB ward ten thousand pesos.