In order to carry out effectively the aims and objectives for which the TAU MU SIGMA PHI INC., was formed, the same are hereunder defined:

1. In general, to do and perform any and all things which maybe reasonably necessary, proper or convenient for the exercise of any and all rights, powers and attributes of other like corporations or association of like nature organized under by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines; but by the purpose and essence of this corporation, being purely benevolent, charitable, educational and philanthropic, it is expressly declared that this is an association not for gain or individual profits and that no dividend shall ever be declared or paid to any of its members, and none of its property, real or personal, shall ever be used or expended except in carrying into effect the legitimate end and aim of its being.


To receive and acquire by donation, exchange, purchase, lease either absolutely or in-trust, received contributions from any person, firm, entity or associations, whomsoever of such properties, real or personal, including funds or valuable effect as may be necessary to carry out its objectives and purpose of the FOUNDATION.

Respectfully submitted: (LIST OF INCORPORATORS)

1. Bro. Dr. Homero Alejandrino Gonzalez, ΤΜΣΦ 1953
2. Bro. Dr. Ernesto Gamboa Moreno, ΤΜΣΦ 1966
3. Bro. Dr. Florentino Carpio Doble, ΤΜΣΦ 1967
4. Bro. Dr. Jose Jalmasco Duran, Stallag 17
5. Bro. Dr. Narciso Saguinsin Santos, Marshalls 27
6. Bro. Dr. Romeo Jacinto Santos, Marshalls 27
7. Bro. Dr. Romulo Angeles Buzon Jr., Tatlong Kasaysayan
8. Bro. Dr. Jose Antonio Poblete Valdellon Jr., 7-11 Local 2-4-5
9. Bro. Dr. Rene Velchez Reyes, Pililia 7
10.Bro. Dr. Jonnel Lugod Lim, 12 Tauan Apostles
11.Bro. Dr. Raphael Carranceja Sanchez, GI 18
12.Bro. Dr. Hernando Bianes Delizo, 10-4
13.Bro. Dr. Antonio Dario Rebosa, 7 Last Words