A Physician Pain-ter

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Q. Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

As the stress of medical practice in the United States takes its toll on life’s quality, physicians adapt and discover ways to cope. Two years ago, to combat boredom, Bro. Dr. Ed Sy Tanhui, 14 Kilalang Tauans decided to take up the arts.

Dr. Tanhui or simply ET to close acquaintances, including fraternity brothers, after reducing his work hours, found that all the free time caused him to take daily three hour naps after lunch followed by two hours in the gym.

He said that having too much time on his hands made him decide that he needed to learn something new. Continue reading

A Healthy Dash of Bro. Raffy Castillo

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

imageIn a commencement speech he delivered in 2010 to the graduates of the university on the other side of the Pasig, Bro. Dr. Rafael Ricafranca Castillo, Tatlong Kasaysayan, extolled the students, which included his daughter, to work hard on becoming selfless by serving the less fortunate, one’s country and God.

Bro. Raffy expressed his words eloquently in Filipino, “Sa ating paglisan sa mga haligi ng ating Pamantasan, pagsikapin natin na ang ating loobin ay hindi ang pagiging makasarli, kundi ang pagiging makakapwa, makabayan at maka-Diyos. Sa ganoong paraan, mararanasan natin ang tunay na kaligayahan at makabuluhang tagumpay.” Continue reading

A Tauan Eye-dol

By Bro. Dr. Raoul Paolo Dizon Henson, Elite
(photos c/o Bro. Raoul Henson from FB)

imageI am Bro. Dr. Raoul Paolo Dizon Henson, Elite, an ophthalmologist by profession. I still remember the day I entered the orientation of the Tau Mu Sigma Phi fraternity inside the Anatomy lecture hall of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. This was the year 1989. The hall was packed with Tau Mu members and first year students like me.

I knew I had Tau Mu in mind because my father, Bro. Dr. Ruben de Guzman Henson, Jr., is also a Tauan (Class 1959). I attended other so called orientations but Tau Mu’s impressed me the most. I joined that year and was chosen the batch leader of ELITE (Eight Last Invincible Tauans of the Eighties) and the rest is history. My brother, Bro. Dr. Ruben Emil Dizon Henson, Blitzkrieg 23 joined the fraternity when he entered med school three years later. Continue reading

A Beacon Amidst the Concrete Jungles of New York City

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

ToshiFor his exemplary service to his institution during the height of the Ebola crisis last year, Bro. Dr. Alexander Manly Sy, Seven Deadly Sins, was given due recognition by the Metropolitan Hospital Center in East Harlem, New York City last June 16, 2015.

The plaque of recognition was presented to Dr. Sy, Toshi to Tauans and close acquaintances, by his mentor, Dr. Nora V. Bergasa, Chief of Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Center and Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College. The simple ceremonies were held Tuesday night at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, New York on Long Island Sound just north of the metropolis. Continue reading

The Silent Blitz

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

DrRudieFrederickMendiolaIt is a widely known fact that silence runs deep, a metaphor that is often attributed to water but can very well pertain to man and how one handles himself. Bro. Dr. Rudie Frederick Bailon Mendiola, Blitzkrieg 23 is one of those silent types who lets his resume do the talking.

Dr. Mendiola, known to Tauans as Richie, is currently the President of the Philippine Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Inc. or PSREI for short. Richie is nearing the middle of his term and is charting a course for his society which is in transition. The organization is in the process of undergoing a name change from PSREI to the Philippine Society of Reproductive Medicine or PSRM and Bro. Richie is leading them in the legal measures needed to effect this change. Continue reading

Bro. Sonny Returns to Sunny McAllen for HS Reunion

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

UntitledAbout forty six years ago as a senior HS student at St. Louis University Boys High School in Baguio City, Bro. Dr. Rafael Riego Vera Cruz, Son of Seventy Eight, decided that he wanted the opportunity to study abroad for one year as a HS exchange student via the American Field Service program.

Bro. Sonny, along with countless other students from his school turned in their applications and after a careful selection process, he was one of only two that got accepted. He packed his bags after getting his family’s approval and came to McAllen, Texas, then a small city in the Rio Grande Valley to attend another year of senior studies at McAllen High School, home of the Bulldogs and thence became part of the McHi Class of 1970. Continue reading

A Tau Mu Gateway to the Heartland

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby


In the March 2015 edition of the Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society, Bro. Dr. Remel Dionisio Carino Buslig, 13 Supreme Guardians of Tauan Ideals and Tenet or simply 13’s Got It, was featured prominently in the article entitled ‘Intensive Care Gets a Boost in Seven Arkansas Hospitals.’

In his capacity as the Director of ER and ICU/CCU at Ashley County Medical Center, Bro. Remel was asked about his hospital’s foray into telemedicine thru a recent partnership with Baptist Health eICU care. He said, “There are times when patients admitted in the ICU are too sick [to stay at our hospital]. They need to be seen by doctors specializing in critical care.” Continue reading

A Tauan In The High Seas

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby


As Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students Fraternity, charts a course towards its 70th year of existence, a Tauan, Bro. Dr. Reynaldo Manganaan Aquino, 9 Tauan Commandos, sails the world’s seas as a ship physician on Constellation delivering health care to thousands of guests and crew members alike. An Orthopedic Surgeon by trade, Dr. Aquino has been doing this since 2008.

When asked what a typical day is, Bro. Mayee said, “Far from what I expected. I initially thought this was like ‘The Love Boat’ on TV. It was not.” His current ship has around 900 plus crew members and 2500 guests or passengers, all of whom he has to take care of. He works with another physician and three nurses certified in ACLS and PALS. Continue reading

Youngest Tauan Faculty at USTFMS

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Bay


Early this year, members of Tau Mu Sigma Phi got a pleasant surprise when the fraternity announced the appointment of Bro. Dr. Rafael Ho Dizon, Armageddon VIII to the staff of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Bro. Raffy joins a long list of Tauans who decided to apply and accept a teaching position at our alma mater.

Raffy teaches Gross Anatomy to freshman students and his specialty, Pediatric Surgery, to third year medical students. He joined Tau Mu Sigma Phi in 1996 as a member of Armageddon VIII, along with seven other medical students. He received his medical degree in 2000 from the USTFMS. Continue reading

Bro. Gerry Flores Is USTMAAA President

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby


The University of Santo Tomas Medical Alumni Association of America is nearing its 30th year of existence and once again, a Tauan is at its helm. Bro. Dr. Gerard Quincy Carillo Flores, Batch Anim is the current USTMAAA President.

Bro. Gerry entered Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity in 1975 with five other medical students and named their batch as simply Batch Anim. He finished his medical degree in 1979 from the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and did a one year internship at the STUH. Continue reading