The Fraternity at a Glance

Bro. Augusto Julian Santos Ramos, M.D. Founder, Tau Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity

Bro. Augusto Julian Santos Ramos, M.D.
Founder, Tau Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity

The great fraternity began in 1946. Driven by the ashes left by World War II, a group of four idealistic young male medical interns led by the late Bro. Dr. Augusto Julian Santos Ramos Sr., Founding Father ΤΜΣΦ 1946, who, at that time, recognized the need for reconstruction. Thus, on January 5, 1946, he, together with Bro. Dr. Antonino Monillas Ignacio, Founder ΤΜΣΦ 1946, Bro. Dr. Arturo Alburo Ramirez, Founder ΤΜΣΦ 1946 and Bro. Dr. Pablo Gamboa Gutierrez, Founder ΤΜΣΦ 1946 formed an organization exclusively for male medical students who deigned to heed the call.

Thus was conceived, TAU MU SIGMA PHI, The Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, the pioneer and premier fraternity of the University of Santo Tomas.

Guided by the following ideals, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE AND BROTHERHOOD, these has served as a guiding torch for the members to excel in their own chosen profession. Through the years it has granted men with sterling character to carry on the ideals for which it was established.

TMHWS1The fraternity took roots from its humble beginnings. It started as an academic fraternity where membership was invitational only to medical students who excel academically and had leadership qualities. With activities such as regular scientific and medical meetings, Tau Mu Sigma Phi laid the groundwork for a solid foundation.

Eventually its existence was recognized by the university. Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, was given the honor of being the first fraternity in the entire university to be granted recognition by the Office of Student Affairs pursuant to MEC numbers 5762.

TMHWS2Not content with limiting themselves to the confines of the UST Medicine Building, the fraternity started to conduct numerous activities designed to broaden one’s horizon. The fraternity has volunteered in different weekly charity clinics where the members can develop his medical skills while helping the less fortunate.

TMHWS3Major out of town medical and surgical missions are also performed regularly, where aside from giving service to the indigent, the members take pleasure for respite from medical studies as well as to enjoy camaraderie with one another. In order to fund these charitable activities, the fraternity carried out fund raising activities such as concerts, raffles and movie premieres. Because of its commitment to humanitarian service, the University of Santo Tomas awarded Tau Mu Sigma Phi with the Pope Leo XIII Award for organizational efforts towards community assistance.

Over the years, the fraternity flourished from a handful of members to more than one thousand fellows. The Tauan training program have helped tap the member’s potentials and improve his character, thereby imbibing him the traits for him to be successful in his chosen medical field. The members, called TAUANS, have sworn to live by the ideals of the fraternity. Known for their exemplary character, Tauans, have an impressive track record of credentials and achievements through the decades.

TMHWS4Tauans are not only on the forefront on the advancement of the medical sciences but are also acknowledged leaders in professional organizations as well as in government and civil service. Tauans have been awarded and recognized numerous times by different institutions and governments for their professional achievements as well as for volunteerism and humanitarian service leaving the Tauan indelible mark all over the world.

Perhaps it is the fraternity’s profound history that makes it great…or maybe its exemplary alumni and members rendering diligent service… The so-called Tauan mystique. Its commitment to its ideals has allowed the fraternity to weather more than 50 years of history colored with trials and successes, and it is with these unswerving dedication to these principles that the fraternity will undauntedly face its next half century steadfast and strong.


Tau Mu Sigma Phi

(Varsitarian Vol. XVI, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, January 25, 1946, No. 1)

To a group of third and fourth year medical students goes the distinction of being the first to organize a fraternity, post war with full sanction of the university authorities.

The Tau Mu Sigma Phi, a fraternity of medical students was recently formed with the view of promoting among its members, brotherhood, leadership and research in the different fields of Medicine. The fraternity has pledged to give active support to every activity of undertaking the university might sponsor, particularly the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

The fraternity was formally organized on January fifth, when the constitution was ratified, and officers nominated, by the “secret ballot election”. The election was hotly contested, votes see-sawed as the voters cheered and jeered at the respective and irrespective candidates. Results of the elections are as follows: Augusto Ramos, most exalted brother; Manuel Rodriguez, most illustrious brother; Hector de los Santos, brother secretary; Fausto Mabanta, brother treasurer; Arturo Ramirez, brother business manager’ and Jose Rodriguez, brother reporter.

The Tau Mu Sigma Phi was organized by a group of enterprising medical students. The fraternity was gradually formed from a series of medical conferences, which they occasionally held. Meetings then followed which led to the drafting of the constitution which was subsequently presented to Fr. Cuesta, then regent of the College of Medicine; he commented: “Credit must be given to the organizers of the fraternity. This is an organization, which comes from the students and really belongs to the students. You can go ahead with the organization.”

Article lifted from the Varsitarian
by Bro. Dr. Jaun Lorenzo Gilladoga Labayen, Renaissance

Souvenir Book

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, 1958

Thirteen years ago, the Tau Mu Sigma Phi, an exclusive fraternity for male medical students came into being. A fruit of the organizational efforts of an enterprising group of male medical interns and Fourth year medical students, it has since then formed a part of the historical catena of Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas.

Its aims have always been to encourage study, self-improvement and progress in the lines of medical science; to foster leadership and initiative in various undertakings that will contribute to scientific advancement to promote the spirit of research in various phases of medicine; to develop and conserve comradeship and cooperation among members and all medical students; to inculcate among its members virtues, traits and qualities as preached by the Catholic University of Santo Tomas to her sons in the medical profession, and to support the University of Santo Tomas, particularly the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, in whatever activity it may initiate.

These objectives are translated into action by means of monthly scientific cultural meetings, presentation of original work and cultural essays, intensive participation in the religious undertakings of the University, symposia, the annual Christmas Bingo Socials, and fund raising for the Charity Wards of the University Hospital, and participation in various athletic activities. It is not surprising therefore to find many Tauans who are distinguishing themselves in the profession, and many of whom are faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Augusto J. Ramos, present Tauan Councilor and the first president of this Organization is a concrete example. Dr. Hector de los Santos is another of the many who are still connected with our University. Tranquilino Elicano, Jr., this year’s President aims to preserve and continue the traditions, high ideals and standards of the Fraternity that his predecessors established.

Lifted from the Souvenir Book, 1958
by Bro. Dr. Jaun Lorenzo Gilladoga Labayen, Renaissance