A Physician Pain-ter

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Q. Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

As the stress of medical practice in the United States takes its toll on life’s quality, physicians adapt and discover ways to cope. Two years ago, to combat boredom, Bro. Dr. Ed Sy Tanhui, 14 Kilalang Tauans decided to take up the arts.

Dr. Tanhui or simply ET to close acquaintances, including fraternity brothers, after reducing his work hours, found that all the free time caused him to take daily three hour naps after lunch followed by two hours in the gym.

He said that having too much time on his hands made him decide that he needed to learn something new.

ET is a Pain Management Specialist who practices in the heart of Texas. He joined the fraternity in the eighties as part of the 14 Kilalang Tauans. After an Internal Medicine residency at the Santo Tomas University Hospital, Dr. Tanhui decided to pursue further training in Anesthesia in the United States of America.

He took up art classes at the Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches under Professor Shaun Roberts. Ed thought of drawing at first but later switched to painting, “I thought of drawing but feel like I can express myself better with color.”

Being a colorful person himself and the life of many Tauan parties, Ed started out with still life but found it too slow thus his career as a budding painter took a back seat to life as he went on a hiatus from painting.

This is not the first time that Dr. Tanhui had to reinvent himself. Before he turned fifty, ET found himself obese and tired for the first time in his life. A drastic lifestyle change consisting of daily cardio with resistance exercises coupled with a strict low carbohydrate diet have yielded tremendous results to the point that he placed third in a body building competition several years back.

The year 2016 is when the doctor found his painting mojo back. After somehow finding the inspiration, Dr. Tanhui went on a torrid pace of painting to the tune of about forty works of art since September. He has focused mainly on landscapes and wildlife this time and shared his work with friends, former classmates and fraternity brothers through social media.

Humbled at first that his paintings are not good enough, the Pain Doctor was encouraged by friends, family and brothers with their heaps of praises and adoration for his work. In fact, some of his batchmates from the University of Santo Tomas – Faculty of Medicine Surgery bought his paintings for one thousand dollars each.

But for ET, it’s never really about money or fame. After several consultations with Tauans, Dr. Ed Tanhui decided to donate 10 paintings for auction with all proceeds going to the Tau  Mu USA Foundation Trust fund.

When asked for his motivation, he said, “It’s my way to share myself, for my brods to benefit from my time, for the people that can be helped by the foundation.”

“It’s my way to share myself, for my brods to benefit from my time, for people that can be helped by the foundation.”  – Bro. Dr. Ed Sy Tanhui

Ed Tanhui is married to Dr. Jo Tanhui, a Nephrologist and their union bore a son, Justin, who is currently a college student at the University of Texas – Austin. Family is very important to him as evidenced by wife and husband’s frequent trips to visit their son during weekends.

As Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, closes out it’s 70th year and focuses on turning 75 in 2021, it is key that the fraternity has stable resources to fund it’s projects and to continue to uphold Tau Mu’s ideals of academic excellence, leadership, service and brotherhood.

We are fortunate to have a brother like Dr. Ed Tanhui. When asked how he foresees the future, ET simply stated, “I hope I can just live like this for a long time. Work a little, paint a little, workout a little, rest…”

Hail Tau Mu!

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