Reflections on My Pilgrimage Trip to The Holy Land 10/21/16 – 11/2/16

By Bro. Dr. Ricardo Quinto Binsol, GI 18


Bro. Ric and wife Dulce

When I registered for the pilgrimage trip, I never expected a life-changing experience. Or a holy rebirth of myself. I walked in with the excitement of seeing, and feeling, the place where Jesus once walked and shared meals with his disciples.

Although I never felt an overwhelming presence of the spirit of Christ during my visit, I came out with a better understanding of Christ’s teaching.

Let me explain.

You see, during every stop at a certain Holy place, I noticed quite an obvious regularity. Not uniformly consistent, but regular. There were stories about men, palaces, places of worship and ancient cultures. Yet throughout each and every story, there is a constant association with destruction, burning… and death. And I started wondering how those peoples of yesterday somehow correlate with the people of today. And this is what enlightened me. Continue reading