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By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Q. Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

imageFor the third time this year, Bro. Dr. Marianito Olivarez Asperilla’s, Batch Anim, work is being recognized by the international health community as his co-authored abstract titled A Case Report: Contrast Induced Cardiac Tamponade was chosen among several entries to be presented at both the WORLD and EURO Cardiology 2016 Conferences.

The difference this time around is that Dr. Asperilla’s co-authors are either Tauans or Tauan family. In line with Tau Mu Sigma Phi’s TRUMP, Tauan Residency in the USA Matching Program, recent graduates are given the opportunity to enhance their chances of entering into a residency program in the United States by providing them with clinical experiences and author ships of case reports, paper presentations and clinical studies.

The rest of the co-authors are Bro. Dr. Ulysses Salvador Boco, Sabbath, Bro. Dr. Raymond Christopher Co Yu, Best of 7, Bro. Dr. Jose Rowell Gemarino Ramirez Jr., Tauan Armada and Harry Anthony Lao Israel, son of Bro. Dr. Harry Dialogo Israel, Walong Bagyo. Most of them spent several months at Dr. Asperilla’s medical offices in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Upper from L-R, Bro. Ulysses Boco, Bro. Raymond Yu Lower from L-R, Bro. Jose Ramirez, Anthony Israel

Upper from L-R, Bro. Ulysses Boco, Bro. Raymond Yu
Lower from L-R, Bro. Jose Ramirez, Anthony Israel

Dr. Mark Asperilla, an Infectious Disease Specialist and philanthropist, who has established several free medical clinics and pharmacies in his community of Port Charlotte was just recently in Frankfurt, Germany to present his paper on Interferon vs. Non-Interferon based therapy for Hepatitis C. He is likewise scheduled to do a poster presentation about the same topic but in a free clinic setting this November in Santiago, Chile.

During last month’s Tau Mu USA Fall Reunion in Jersey City, New Jersey, the fraternity called for support of programs that will promote Tauans in their pursuit of further training in the United States and projects that will serve as marketing tools to aid with recruitment back home.

Once again, Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, thru members like Bro. Dr. Mark Asperilla et al continue to promote our ideals of academic excellence, leadership, service and brotherhood. Hail Tau Mu!

Click on the link for a better resolution: contrast-induced-cardiac-tamponade-asperilla


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