Asperilla, Boco, Yu Paper to be Presented in Frankfurt and Santiago

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Q. Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

NitoyIn line with Tau Mu Sigma Phi’s program in assisting recent Tauan graduates land a residency position in the United States, Bro. Dr. Marianito Olivares Asperilla, Batch Anim have invited brothers to help him with two recent papers pertaining to Hepatitis C, its treatment and management.

The fraternity’s program called TRUMP, short for Tauan Residency in the USA Matching Program, is in its infancy as it was launched last October, 2015 during Tau Mu USA Foundation’s annual fall reunion held at South Padre Island, Texas. For the past several years, it has been more difficult to enter into residency training in the US brought about by increased competition from other foreign medical graduates and increased immigration scrutiny due to global terrorism. Continue reading