A Call for Support as the RP Healthcraft Carrier Sets Sail

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Q. Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

Doc-Jim-at-MD-EastwoodTau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students Fraternity, thru its USA Foundation, has called for an all out support for Bro. Dr. Juan Pena Sanchez Jr.’s, SOS, pet project, The RP Healthcraft Carrier, also known as Hospital on Wheels (HOW).

According to Dr. Jim Sanchez, the project is aimed at providing quality medical service to thousands and hopefully millions of indigent Filipinos who have little or no access to healthcare.

In addition, the carrier with its lineup of medical professionals from different specialties will supervise hands on training to medical students, interns, residents, fellows and other allied health professionals.

IMG_2608Tau Mu USA Foundation President Bro. Dr. Ramon Ramos Contreras, Lucky 13, is rallying support for this project by calling on all Tauans to provide financial and monetary help. The fraternity will set-up a Paypal button on its website to facilitate ease for its members to make a contribution.

Bro. Jim Sanchez is very hopeful and optimistic that this endeavor will set sail soon. He has already successfully established the Mobile Surgical Unit (MSU) in partnership with the Rotary Club of SFDM eight and a half years ago. The MSU has served more than 10,000 indigent patients during more than 200 surgical missions in its existence.

Pics c/o Bro. Dr. Arnulfo 'Joboy' Carlos Rosario Jr., Gallant V

Pics c/o Bro. Dr. Arnulfo ‘Joboy’ Carlos Rosario Jr., Gallant V

The fraternity was able to use the MSU during Bro. Dr. Primo Aquino Andres Jr.’s “Tanay for Nanay Mission” held in the province of Rizal last January, 2016.

The construction of the prototype will be implemented in stages; first is the 3-bus surgical unit followed by the diagnostic & pharmacy bus, then the rest of the fleet. First off the assembly lime, hopefully in one year’s time, is the main surgical bus (with 2 separate sterile operating rooms) and one 40-footer support van (will temporarily serve as the preoperative, postoperative, dressing, scrub, sterilization and supply areas). Once the 2 other surgical buses are available, the 40-footer van will house the supplies, prefabricated tents, fold able furniture (bed, tables, chairs), water tank and generator.

RP HEALTHCRAFT CARRIER1Dr. Sanchez has been on television, print and social media for the past several months promoting his project. He has called on big, private corporations for support by appealing to their sense of corporate social responsibility or CSR. He was recently in selected cities in the United States and is scheduled to deliver a CME lecture at this year’s Annual USTMAAA reunion in Long Beach, California. For this year alone, he intends to raise around 9 million pesos.

The Philippines is in a transition as she just elected a new president but more than ever, the country needs people with vision, zeal and fortitude to help its citizens in every aspect of their lives. Bro. Dr. Jim Sanchez has taken on the challenge but he will need our brotherly support to see this through.

Hail Tau Mu!

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