A Tauan Eye-dol

By Bro. Dr. Raoul Paolo Dizon Henson, Elite
(photos c/o Bro. Raoul Henson from FB)

imageI am Bro. Dr. Raoul Paolo Dizon Henson, Elite, an ophthalmologist by profession. I still remember the day I entered the orientation of the Tau Mu Sigma Phi fraternity inside the Anatomy lecture hall of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. This was the year 1989. The hall was packed with Tau Mu members and first year students like me.

I knew I had Tau Mu in mind because my father, Bro. Dr. Ruben de Guzman Henson, Jr., is also a Tauan (Class 1959). I attended other so called orientations but Tau Mu’s impressed me the most. I joined that year and was chosen the batch leader of ELITE (Eight Last Invincible Tauans of the Eighties) and the rest is history. My brother, Bro. Dr. Ruben Emil Dizon Henson, Blitzkrieg 23 joined the fraternity when he entered med school three years later.

Tau Mu Sigma Phi helped me in so many ways. I really followed by heart the ideals of our fraternity; Academic Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood. Our fraternity was vital in my success in finishing medical school. It molded me into what I am today.

I studied hard burning that midnight oil almost every night during the schoolyear. I attended most of the activities of the fraternity from medical missions, organizing various projects, Chirstmas carolling and just plain goofing around in the frathouse.

But the most difficult part of my student and fraternity life was being the Most Exalted Brother. This position really tested me. I had to balance academics, clinical work and the fraternity. There were many trials, rumbles with other fraternities, numerous projects to accomplish, mediating problems between the elders-undergrads and much more.

This last year in med school was the one that molded me into what I am today. I became a competent leader and a doer, not only with the fraternity but also in my practice and other business ventures as well.

Tauans all! From L-R Bro. Butch Henson, Bro. Raoul Henson, Bro. Ruben Henson

Tauans all! From L-R Bro. Butch Henson, Bro. Raoul Henson, Bro. Ruben Henson

Of course, I idolize my Tauan father who was a role model to me since I was a kid. He was the reason why I became a Tauan, a doctor, an ophthalmologist, an oculoplastic surgeon and a LASIK surgeon. He was the one who introduced me to do these. I remember during summer time in high school and college days when I observe him at the clinic, see patients and perform surgeries.

Another Tauan that I do emulate is Bro. Dr. Ernesto Gamboa Moreno, ΤΜΣΦ 1966. Kuya Chito Moreno was the Grand Tauan Adviser during my term as MEB. His passion for the fraternity was immense and his ethical principles are rock solid.

We did not go to medical school to study business. We went there to be doctors. That is why doctors are lousy business owners but I was fortunate enough to read Robert Kiosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” before starting my practice in 2000. After reading this book, I told myself, “I should not be just a doctor treating patients, but also an entrepreneur.”


I have a few businesses here and there. Together with my brother Butch, I run our family business, the Clinica Henson Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat center. I also partnered with several ophthalmologists when we opened The Lasik Surgery Clinic in 2008.

With the help of some friends I likewise delved into the restaurant business. The Filipino restaurant is called KKK Food revolution and we have four branches in SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Fairview. I also have real estate property and investments in paper products like stocks, UITF, mutual funds and bonds.


In recent months, I joined the Javita coffee company, an American owned entity which sells weight loss coffee and tea. I am proud to say that I am the very first Javita Director in the Philippines. The reason for my most recent US trip is to attend the 2nd annual Javita convention and represent the Philippines in Las Vegas.

In addition to all these, I am an active consultant at the International Eye Institute in St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City and an associate active consultant at the Makati Medical Center. Time is also spent attending other extracurricular activities like the Central Luzon Society of Ophthalmology of which I am a past president, the Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, treasurer, and the Asia-Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, past vice president.


I used to play golf and tennis for exercise. Now I go to the gym and be more fit by toning my muscles the right way. I am on my way to reviving my six pack!

And of course I like to travel with my family, my wife, Mimi, and our 8-year old daughter, Liezl. We make it a point to travel together at least 3 times a year. I think this one is a must because of my busy schedule. Mimi is a double degree holder with a degree in Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University and Optometry from Centro Escolar University. She is a full time mom now and takes care of Liezl, who attends the Assumption School in San Lorenzo, Makati.


So how do I juggle all of these? Simple, I just follow this: God first, family second and the rest will follow. Time management is key to success!


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