250 Patients Served as ΤΜΣΦ Teams Up with Caritas Manila

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby
(report from the field and pictures care of Bro. Rae Patrick Olinarez Talampas, Tauan Inferno)

CM10It was a very busy weekend for Tauans as Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, teamed up recently with Caritas Manila and conducted a medical and circumcision mission in the heart of Manila. The mission was held last Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Santo Nino Parish in Tondo, Manila.

Caritas Manila, according to its website, is the lead church NPO in the Philippines. It was founded in 1953 by the late Archbishop of Manila Rufino Cardinal Santos and is used to be called Catholic Charities until 1975 when the late Jaime Cardinal Sin became the Archbishop of Manila and changed the name to Caritas Manila. Caritas, with its social services and integrated family development programs for the poor, aims to “uplift the spirit of the unfortunate members of our community, to assist them in all their needs, and to bring the help of God in their miseries and distress.” Continue reading

TOBY Awardees for 2014-2015

The following Tauans are the recipients of the 2014-2015 Ten Outstanding Brothers of the Year Award (TOBY) as presented by the outgoing Executive Committee at the 69th Tauan Induction Ball and Turnover Ceremonies held at the Mindanao Hall, Sofitel Plaza Hotel last April 18, 2015:

Bro. John Pocholo Whitaker Tuason, Insanity

Hon. Bro. Dr. Florentino ‘Boy’ Carpio Doble, ΤΜΣΦ 1967

Bro. Dr. Darbie Barreras Madriaga, 13 Men and a Baby

Bro. Dr. Miguel Domingo Tamondong Jacalan III, Diehard II

Bro. Dr. Ramon Martin Gonzalez, 7 Last Words

Bro. Mark Randell Ragpa Quines, Tauan Armada

Bro. Leonard Christian Reas Hernandez, Insanity

Bro. Dr. Miguel Francisco Gaerlan Dellosa, Kinse
Bro. Dr. John Patrick Villano Almazan, Kinse

Bro. Vincent Paul Correa Gonzalez, Tauan Inferno
Bro. Kevin Aldrich Rillon Melchor, Markados

Bro. Dr. Raymond Christopher Co Yu, Best of 7

Congratulations brods! HAIL TAU MU!


On Its 69th Year, ΤΜΣΦ Inducts 12 Tauans Into The Circle

By Bro. Ramon Henry Fernandez Dickson, Tauan Inferno

The Tau Mu Sigma Phi celebrated its 69th Annual Induction Ball and Turn over Ceremonies last April 18, 2015 at Sofitel Luxury Hotel. Cheers and good spirits filled Sofitel’s Luxury Hotel Mindanao Ballroom Hall as the crowd in their festive mood welcomed the 12 inductees along with the newly elected Executive Committee for Academic Year 2015-2016. The event was attended by members of the fraternity from all over the world, young and old alike, with their lovely dates and guest sponsors.

imageThe event began with a prayer led by Bro. Rainier Rañola Milante, Tauan Armada which was followed by the Tauan Pledge led by the incoming Exalted Brother, Bro. Ryan Paolo Lopez Bondoc, Prodigal Sons. Thereafter, a few words of wisdom and guidance from the current TAO president, Bro. Dr. Miguel Domingo Tamondong Jacalan III, Diehard II was imparted as he gave his opening remarks. Continue reading

ΤΜΣΦ Serves Payatas Teens in Summer Rite of Passage

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby
(report from the field and pictures care of Bro. Kevin Anthony Ortiz Mallari, Markados)

As the academic year comes to an end and the summer season begins, Tauans are called once again to help our constituents who are in need of healthcare. This time around with the supervision of Bro. Dr. Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Cortez Asucncion, 7 Last Words, the student brods traveled to Payatas to serve its adolescent population. The medical and ‘tuli'(circumcision) mission took place morning of April 25, 2015 at Payatas, a barangay in the 2nd district of Quezon City.



Payatas, short for ‘Payat sa Taas,’ a term given to its soil quality which is not conducive for farming, is located in the northern section of Quezon City. It is divided into three Barangays, A, B and C and is well known for the Payatas dumpsite, the second ‘Smokey Mountain.’ The whole metropolis dumps its trash into the area while the urban poor, especially children, scavenge the pile for hidden treasures and food. Continue reading

A Fraternity Bigger Than All of Us

By Bro. Mark Randell Ragpa Quines, Tauan Armada
Most Exalted Brother, 2015-2016
Tau Mu Sigma Phi


Bro. Randell Quines, MEB 2015-2016

Like a precious stone, Tau Mu Sigma Phi has lived to its 69 years of existence facing tremendous trials and adversities, in the end shining and standing strong, attaining glory and honor with humility embodied to each and everyone Tauan. Times have passed, seasons have changed, but the flame that burned within the hearts of every Tauan has lived on generation per generation.

As the fraternity draws closer to its 70th founding anniversary, let us not forget its humble beginnings, the tough times that we had with our brothers on our side, the lessons that we learned along the way and the victory that we achieved as we went along. Let these be our guiding light as we go on for another 70 more years. We are not here now with just the vision of our founders, the work of our elders nor with just the lessons and teachings of our “immediates”. We are here right now celebrating 69 years of brotherhood through a collaborative effort from each and every Tauan. Continue reading

A Look Back: Tau Mu Sigma Phi’s 65th Anniversary

By Bro. Dr. Filomeno ‘Dante’ Corpuz Gapultos Jr., Roaring 20’s
(a re-post from the old website about four years ago)


Our 65th Anniversary gathering has come and gone but not before becoming an experience to remember. The first few days were spent getting reacquainted with over 350 of our young and more senior brothers from many corners of the globe. I, for one, continue to marvel at the successful careers that have been the reward of my Tauan Brothers and the dedication that is shown to our Alma Mater. The great actor, Cecil B. DeMille was on target when he stated that one who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. This describes the essence of the Tauan. Continue reading

Academic Excellence: A Tauan’s Perspective

By Bro. Dr. Rodolfo Espaldon Lim, Siyam na Pag-asa
MEB 1973-1974
UST Med Class ’74
Diplomate, American Board of Nuclear Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Radiology
President, TAU MU USA, 2014-2015

imageAt the time we matriculated as medical students at the USTFMS, we have decided to embark on a life long journey of becoming physicians. As medical students, we furthermore chose to join the ΤΜΣΦ and pledged ourselves “to be perfectly true to the ideals of the fraternity, Academic Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood.” With these two commitments, we virtually proclaimed that we still strive to be physicians founded on certain guiding principles.

In 1946, the founders of the ΤΜΣΦ adopted well thought of ideals and code of conduct that would characterize a member of the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity. The tenets commenced with Academic Excellence.

The late 1940’s and early 1950’s were different times compared to decades that followed. During the beginning years of ΤΜΣΦ, the medical student joining the frat was mature in his attitude and outlook on life. His personal experiences and memories of the Japanese occupation and subsequent war were still fresh in his mind. He might have been a soldier or a guerrilla fighter (example: Tauan #229 and other Tauan veterans) and risked his life for his country’s freedom. Continue reading