Bro. Leo Dizon Passes the Torch

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

Bro. Leo Dizon, 13’s Got It

Bro. Leo Dizon, 13’s Got It

As the sole proprietor of, Bro. Dr. Leoncio Sevidal Dizon, 13’s Got It, has singlehandedly maintained and updated the Tauan website for the past several years. Due to Dizon’s desire to give others the opportunity to serve as the fraternity’s social media director, Bro. Leo, several months ago, decided to step down.

As the fraternity grew to over a thousand members scattered all over the world, Tauans decided to make use of technology to keep in touch. The website included articles of official and unofficial Tau Mu functions and activities. It also cited prominent Tauans who received distinguished and prestigious awards from the university, local and international medical associations and communities where they reside.

Bro. Leo likewise used the website for brods to post pictures of their families during Christmas season as a way of sending their own greetings to the entire fraternity. It also included a section on the fraternity’s founding fathers, its early history, the Tauan pledge and the Tauan rally. In addition to the chat rooms at Yahoogroups, the website was vital in maintaining open lines of communication among Tauans.

Due to the rise of Facebook and Twitter at the end of the twenty first century’s first decade, the website’s footprint has subsided as newer forms of social media became more user friendly and easier to navigate. Most online communications are now conducted on the fraternity’s Facebook page.

Because of this the fraternity decided to update the website to improve its functionality and make it more user friendly. While Facebook seems to be doing the trick, there exists gaps in communication between the student body and alumni that a fully functional website can fill in. Thus, Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Christopher Lyndon Quebral ‘Peng’ Magno, 13 Men and a Baby, took over the role as social media director October of last year.

In addition to Bro. Peng Magno, the website’s new administration consists of Bro. Dr. Julius Perry Alderique Velasco, Renaissance and the two Brother Heralds, Bro. Ryan Paolo Lopez Bondoc, Prodigal Sons and Bro. Rae Patrick Olinarez Talampas, Inferno. The website’s humble beginnings can be traced to the old GeoCities web hosting service as established by Bro. Dr. Ian Pe Paredes, Blitzkrieg 23 and Bro. Dr Melvin Pe Tan-Paredes, 10 Immortals. Bro. Leo will continue to oversee the Tau Mu USA Foundation section of the new website.

The website administration and the fraternity salute and thank Bro. Leo Dizon for his service.


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