A Big Step Forward

By Bro. Dr. Rodolfo Espaldon Lim, Siyam na Pagasa
President, TAU MU USA Foundation

Bro. Rodolfo Lim, Siyam na Pagasa

Bro. Rodolfo Lim, Siyam na Pagasa

For the past decade, the fraternity has always been faced with the challenge of updating our Tau Mu website. And now, thanks to some enterprising brods who took the initiative, we have a new Tauan website with links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others.

The goal of having a new and updated website is to provide brods from all over the world an access to what is going on with the fraternity. With seamless integration to social media, members can navigate the site with ease, express their ideas and opinions and improve communication among ourselves.

Let us all utilize this social medium to make our fraternity, Tau Mu Sigma Phi, stronger in pursuit of our ideals of academic excellence, leadership, service and brotherhood in the name of God, our True and Divine Master.

Hail Tau Mu!


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