Three Tauans on GK USA Board

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

GKUSA4WS1As the fraternity evolves and upholds its ideal of service, in addition to academic excellence, leadership and brotherhood, Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity now has three eminent Tauans sitting on the Gawad Kalinga USA Board of Directors. The non-profit organization, based in Poway, California has a total of eleven board of directors and ten officers and is officially represented by the GK 1 World Foundation.

The three Tauan board members are: Bro. Dr. Carlos Pineda Capati, One Case of Beer, from Decatur, Illinois, Bro. Dr. Primo Aquino Andres Jr., Lucky 13, from Terra Haute, Indiana, and Bro. Dr. Marianito Olivares Asperilla, Bacth Anim, from Port Charlotte, Florida. Continue reading

Tacloban Mission Served Thousands

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby
(report from the field by Bro. Dr. Elvis Cruz Llarena, Taon VI)

Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, in coordination with the UST Medical Alumni Association of America (USTMAAA) and Gawad Kalinga held a successful medical and surgical mission recently in Tacloban City, Leyte. The mission took place from January 23-24, 2015 at the Anahawan District Hospital.


Photo courtesy of Bro. Dr. Aris Roque, Untouchables 17.5

The delegation was headed by Bro. Dr. Primo Aquino Andres Jr., Lucky 13, USTMAAA Foundation Executive Director. Eminent Tauan gastroenterologist Bro. Dr. Luis Ezpeleta Kodumal, Strikers 16, from Pennsylvania was present to lend a helping hand. Continue reading

Candidates for EXECOM 2015 Announced

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

FLYER FLYER FLYER FLYER FLYER FLYER2A day after the Foundation Day celebrations, Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, commenced the process of electing a new Executive Committee, EXECOM, for 2015-2016. Thereby, last January 6, 2015 the fraternity asked for nominations for this year’s new set of officers.

The actual Election Day has been scheduled on Monday, February 23 while the meeting-de-avance is on Friday, February 20. The campaign period usually runs about one month whereby each candidate lays down their individual platforms for his term. This period has likewise been used by candidates in the past to join other Tauans running for different positions to consolidate power and run as a team. Continue reading

ΤΜΣΦ Holds First GA of 2015

By Bro. Dr. Julius Perry A. E. Velasco, Renaissance

The Tau Mu Sigma Phi Triumvirate consisting of the Student Group, Tauan Alumni Organization (TAO) and the Tau Mu Sigma Phi USA Foundation, held its first general assembly last January 20, 2015 at the Coal Resto Bar, 33 Scout Borromeo, Quezon City. Sixty-nine alumni brods and thirty one undergrads were in attendance for the said meeting.


Photo courtesy of Bro. Dr. Salvador Abetong Rivera IV, Storm

The fire of the Tauan brotherhood quickly flourished once old faces were recognized and memories relived during the welcoming of the brothers. A light snack was prepared before the meeting proper. Continue reading

A Die Hard Tauan

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

Even before he was elected as Tauan Alumni Organization(TAO) President on March 30, 2014, Bro. Dr. Miguel Domingo Tamondong Jacalan III, Die Hard II, has already crisscrossed the country and the world visiting Tauans in their places of residence and work.

Bro. Domeng’s mission was to provide Tauans with free Tau Mu shirts, take pictures of individual brods and post them on the fraternity’s Facebook page. The goal was to foster camaraderie by promoting brotherhood, one of the Tauan ideals.

Continue reading

Countdown to 70th Begins

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

LOGO4WS2As the countdown to Tau Mu Sigma Phi’s 70th year foundation day begins, the fraternity is once again at a crossroads as the challenges of the past several years intersect the uncertainties of what a complicated future brings. In this regard, the Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity have decided to use Tau Mu Strong as it’s theme for its 70th year celebrations.

The theme or slogan had its roots to a city’s show of unity after it’s marathon was bombed several years ago. Tau Mu Sigma Phi, the premier and pioneer fraternity of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is harnessing this energy to show solidarity among Tauans all over the world as it faces its 70th year of existence.

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Bro. Florentino Doble Assumes Post as PRC Chairman

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

Dr. Florentino Doble being sworn into office by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

Dr. Florentino Doble being sworn into office by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

After several years of service as a member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Medicine, Bro. Dr. Hon. Florentino Carpio Doble, ΤΜΣΦ 1967, assumes the highest post at the Professional Regulatory Commission or PRC as its Chairman. The oath-taking ceremony was held at the Midas Hotel in Roxas Blvd, Paranaque City last November 19, 2014.

Dr. Doble, together with the new PRC Commissioner, Architect Yolanda D. Reyes, were sworn in by Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz. Continue reading

Tauans Headed to South Texas

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

The Annual Tau Mu Fall reunion is going to be held at South Padre Island, Texas on October 1-4 later this year. The organizing committee made up of Tauan Texans have chosen the Hilton Garden Inn as the venue for this year’s event. SPI is located in Cameron County at the lower Rio Grande Valley.

What started out as an informal gathering of brods to renew camaraderie before the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, has grown into the preferred event where the Tau Mu USA Foundation hold its annual business meeting and discuss issues vital to the fraternity. Continue reading

Bro. Leo Dizon Passes the Torch

By Bro. Dr. Ferdinand Magno, 13 Men and a Baby

Bro. Leo Dizon, 13’s Got It

Bro. Leo Dizon, 13’s Got It

As the sole proprietor of, Bro. Dr. Leoncio Sevidal Dizon, 13’s Got It, has singlehandedly maintained and updated the Tauan website for the past several years. Due to Dizon’s desire to give others the opportunity to serve as the fraternity’s social media director, Bro. Leo, several months ago, decided to step down.

As the fraternity grew to over a thousand members scattered all over the world, Tauans decided to make use of technology to keep in touch. The website included articles of official and unofficial Tau Mu functions and activities. It also cited prominent Tauans who received distinguished and prestigious awards from the university, local and international medical associations and communities where they reside. Continue reading

Board Ops Took Off in 2014

By Bro. Rafael Melvin Borromeo Perez, Tauan Armada
Brother Keeper of Peace, 2014-2015

The Tau Mu Sigma Phi board operations were suggested one afternoon in 2013 while at the frat house by Bro. Dr. Paul Angelo Peralta Ipapo, Last Mile. The idea comes from the bar exam operations by our colleagues in the law profession.

The executive committee saw a gem of an idea and immediately included it in our list of agenda in our year planning event, the Tauan Forge, which was held last April 2014. Continue reading